Women in STEM: VoxCroft’s Data Scientists Build Innovative Technologies

February 11, 2022 · 2 min read

To celebrate the United Nations (UN) International Day of Women and Girls in Science, VoxCroft Analytics chatted with Holifidy “Holy” Rapanoel and Fanamby Randri, two of our data scientists who are building the artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure that forms the backbone of VoxCroft’s commercial offering.

Holifidy “Holy” Rapanoel - Data Scientist
Holifidy “Holy” Rapanoel - Data Scientist

Holy arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, 12 years ago to pursue a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics after completing an undergraduate degree in Mathematics in Madagascar. During her studies at the University of Cape Town, she attended several data science and machine learning workshops.

After attending the Data Science Intensive Program (DSI) in 2018, facilitated by Prof Bruce Bassett, VoxCroft’s Chief AI Scientist, Holy joined the VoxCroft team in October 2020.

Holy loves being a VoxCroft Data Scientist because her daily work involves applying her theoretical knowledge and research and seeing rewarding results. In January, Holy received VoxCroft’s Galileo Award, the company’s award for continued ingenuity and invention.

Fanamby Randri - Data Scientist
Fanamby Randri - Data Scientist

Fanamby, working in Antananarivo, Madagascar, entered the world of STEM after completing her Master’s degree in Computer Science, focusing on business computing, software engineering, and AI. She also attended the DSI program in 2020 and joined the VoxCroft team in February 2021.

Currently, Fanamby is building machine translation technology for low-resource African languages.

Fanamby’s favorite part about being a VoxCroft data scientist is that she sees “blue skies” in terms of the limits to her work. She loves to dig deeper and research ways to create technology that doesn’t yet exist. Earlier this year, Fanamby received VoxCroft’s Continued Excellence Award, as voted for by her peers.

Holy and Fanamby are successful women in STEM who inspire all of us. Together with the rest of VoxCroft’s talented technical, analyst, and design teams, they are working to create a new Analyst Tool Kit that allows our analysts to query large open-source data sets collected from online media to gain insights about emerging trends, popular sentiment, and dominant themes at play in the world today.

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