Detect trends and maintain 24/7 coverage of changing environments.

Our Products

Introducing Arrow by VoxCroft

Arrow aggregates millions of open-source items—including news stories, social media posts, and other data inputs. Arrow is core to our proprietary sense-and-sensemaking intelligence cycle for governments, NGOs, and private sector industries. We augment and combine human and artificial intelligence for actionable results.

Our Flagship Product

Arrow detects early warning indicators of instability, terrorist violence, inflammatory rhetoric, crime, or misinformation.

Our Products


Flexible and secure access.

Among other features, we offer two-factor authentication to ensure clients easily and securely access Arrow. Our tools integrate with a wide variety of technical environments, including government clients with strict VPN requirements.


Arrow, one of our flagship products.

We use analyst-centric design principles to incorporate diverse needs of all users—from analysts to decision-makers. This allows users across an organization to perform key tasks and understand trends, using analytics across population-centric activities.

Receive, Review & Escalate Alerts

In-Situ Translation For Low-Resource Languages

Powerful Data Visualization

Geo-Spatial Maps Shows Frequency & Intensity of Events

Easy Integration


Arrow’s Sense & Sensemaking

We evolved our sense and sensemaking methodology to combine the best of both humans and machines.

Infinity graph explaining Arrow's sense and sensemaking methodology
Infinity graph explaining Arrow's sense and sensemaking methodology


Monitor thousands of open-media sources.

Arrow’s flexible design philosophy extends to different types of analysts and allows focus on security, logistics, event warning, sentiment analysis, or a combination of all of them.

Our Services

Logistics & Security Monitoring

Arrow provides nimble and fast tactical monitoring and alerts on various levels, including but not limited to country, geopolitical, geographical, building, route, or personal movement levels. From sports tournaments to entertainment events, and conventions to significant global political gatherings, event organizers, hosts, attendees, and sponsors can count on VoxCroft’s proven tools and tradecraft to tactically and strategically leverage open-source intelligence to support new levels of duty of care.

Automated Event & Trend Detection

Insurgency Tracking

Major Sporting & Event Analytics

Sentiment Analysis

Our experts perform network and topical analysis to identify which population, geography, community, or culture cluster will answer your key question. We conduct baseline sentiment mapping using crowd-sourcing and real-time mapping for events or periods of interest.

Sentiment & Communication Strategy Reports

Security Reports

Opportunity Mapping

Population-Centric Intelligence

Find out how we use tradecraft, expert human analysts, and cutting-edge AI to listen to the voice of the people.

Sense & Sensemaking Methodology

See how we use sense and sensemaking to better tell humanity’s stories.


Detect early warning indicators of instability, terrorist violence, inflammatory rhetoric, crime, or misinformation.