What We Do

The right insights lead to great opportunities.

Our experts collect and analyze open-source data on specific topics to understand the voice of the people and the key dynamics shaping the conversation, providing insights into new opportunities for our clients.

VoxCroft’s other proprietary tools complement our population-centric intelligence, including through detection of hate speech, misinformation, and bots, and mapping of media environments—even in the world’s most austere locations.


Understand the voice of the people and the key dynamics shaping an environment.


We use population-centric intelligence to help companies, NGOs and governments.


VoxCroft is a leading provider to governments for population-centric intelligence analysis and strategic communications advice.

Government Services


Our baseline sentiment reports listen to the voice of the people to advise NGOs on how to effectively communicate with the populations they are trying to aid, and to understand security and operations in remote or crisis-stricken areas.

NGO Services

Private Sector

VoxCroft assists companies to better hear the voices in the marketplace, to map new opportunities, and to mitigate risk.

Private Sector Services

Population-Centric Intelligence

Find out how we use tradecraft, expert human analysts, and cutting-edge AI to listen to the voice of the people.

Sense & Sensemaking Methodology

See how we use sense and sensemaking to better tell humanity’s stories.


Detect early warning indicators of instability, terrorist violence, inflammatory rhetoric, crime, or misinformation.