What We Do

Population-centric analytics allows us to gather more and see a much wider picture.

VoxCroft's unique population-centric intelligence approach blends traditional intelligence tradecraft, expert human analysts, and cutting-edge AI to listen to the voice of the people.


Sense & Sensemaking

Arrow, one of our flagship products, forms the center of our sense and sensemaking process. It is a critical tool that internal and external analysts and decision makers use for population-centric analytics, logistics, and security monitoring.

Infinity graph showing VoxCroft's methodology
Infinity graph showing VoxCroft's methodology


Sensing refers to the processes we use to capture data from the information environment.


Nuanced Data Collection

VoxCroft’s tools are designed to collect, translate, and deliver the most relevant information, particularly where data or collection resources are scarce.

Print & Broadcast Collection

Print, radio, and television remain the most popular forms of communication in many volatile environments. Using our exclusive technology and a network of broadcast data providers, we access challenging media markets, including community radio.

Social Media Collection

VoxCroft leverages all major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, as well as emerging sources like Telegram, Rocket.Chat, and ChirpWire.


Sensemaking is how we mine, map, and analyze our collected data to tell humanity's stories and to deliver actionable insights to customers and decision makers.

Overview of Media Environment


Crowd-Verified Data

To supplement machine automation, human experts score data as positive, negative, or neutral sentiment, yielding higher confidence in the accuracy and relevance of the data and analysis.

Network Topologies

Understanding Social Conversation Communities

We map network topologies to understand how different communities in a population cluster form positive and negative sentiment. These social network maps give insight into how information spreads and the key community players for topics of interest.

Sentiment & Thematic Trends

It’s not only important to track events, but also the dynamics of changing environments. Our data-driven tools provide tracking capabilities for monitoring changes in sentiment, in the intensity of conversation, and within specific themes over time.


Opportunity & Risk Mapping

Our intelligence reports succinctly narrate the environment, market forces, and fault lines for client questions or problems. Our reports shed new light on risks and opportunities, enabling our clients to take informed action.

Population-Centric Intelligence

Find out how we use tradecraft, expert human analysts, and cutting-edge AI to listen to the voice of the people.

Sense & Sensemaking Methodology

See how we use sense and sensemaking to better tell humanity’s stories.


Detect early warning indicators of instability, terrorist violence, inflammatory rhetoric, crime, or misinformation.