Press Release: Project Arrow Product Launch

January 6, 2021 · 3 min read

Fred Lutz
VoxCroft Analytics

New Arrow in the Intelligence Quiver

A new platform combines machine learning and advanced intelligence tradecraft to be the eyes and ears of decision makers.

Cape Town, South Africa / Boston, USA: VoxCroft Analytics today announced Project Arrow, a new automated intelligence platform to help organizations manage risk in what surely will be a volatile 2021. Project Arrow uses machine learning to collect and sort open-source media, including tweets, media articles, newspaper articles and radio broadcasts, delivering real-time situational awareness and data-driven analytics to a decision-maker's desktop or smartphone.

Highly trained human intelligence analysts work with customers to understand their analytics needs, train the AI, and make judgements about the quality of content and sources. Customers can track trends on ongoing events such as terrorism, natural disasters, crime and protests. The combination of machine-human capabilities makes quality intelligence reporting accessible to organizations across diverse sectors.

The Project Arrow Dashboard.
The Project Arrow Dashboard.

The product has already been rolled out to our customers in the US public and private sector and is being piloted by a local logistics company to protect their drivers and personnel. The platform alerts the logistics company about any events on their routes that might endanger or delay them, and logistic managers can track ongoing protest and crime trends and shift their operations as necessary.

“Business leaders in 2021 will require enhanced intelligence to make sense of an unstable post-pandemic world. Project Arrow gives you that crucial decision-making edge to quickly discover the threats and opportunities that matter most to your company’s safety and growth,” says Casey Schmidt, Co-CEO (US) at VoxCroft Analytics.

Barend Lutz, the South African co-CEO adds:

“The main aspect of Project Arrow that excites me is how much of a force multiplier it is for my team. I come from the political security risk industry where we have global teams of expert analysts in large operations rooms. They monitor and interpret global events around the clock and need to know and act within seconds when, for example, a bomb explodes near a client site in Mogadishu.

“My career began as one of these analysts and I know how difficult it can be to keep your finger on the pulse while still managing teams, interpreting data and writing analytic reports. Project Arrow allows my team to focus on what humans do the best - complex analytical thought and management; and removes the stress that they will miss critical/breaking events that could affect our operations or client base. It also serves as an operational hub for me to catch up on what is happening across my area of responsibility and ensure that my team is focused on critical events.”

Automated trend analysis and machine generated summaries give a snapshot view.
Automated trend analysis and machine generated summaries give a snapshot view.

Features and benefits of Project Arrow include:

  • Superior quality and timely alerts on any risk events, curated by trained analysts
  • Highly customizable geographic and thematic intelligence coverage
  • AI-generated summaries of weekly events and topics, and analyst reports on trends
  • A network of over 150 global experts to cross-check content and provide local context
  • Machine translation of low density languages to ensure local coverage
  • Embedded human language technologies to ensure coverage across widely-spoken and niche languages.

Project Arrow is available now, with specific solutions for logistic security, private security, crisis response, and insurance. For more information on Project Arrow, visit

About VoxCroft Analytics:

VoxCroft is on a quest to become the global leader in risk analytics. We have pioneered a new form of intelligence tradecraft that synthesizes machine learning, data science, and human expertise into powerful software and data-driven analytics.

Machine Intelligence - Our machine learning algorithms process unwieldy volumes of data, learn from client feedback, discover critical patterns, and deliver information at unmatched speed and scale.

Smart Data - We collect information from open sources such as the web, radio and social media, and use advanced data analytics to add meta-data, analyze trends, and assess risks.

Global Coverage, Local Knowledge - We leverage a global network of linguists, cultural experts, and security professionals to understand local dynamics behind quickly evolving events. Having ‘boots on the ground’ helps us better analyze risk events, discover unique data points, and increases the accuracy and relevancy of our information.

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