VoxCroft helps businesses make better decisions.

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VoxCroft assists companies to better hear the voices in the marketplace, to map new opportunities, and to mitigate risk.

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Population-Centric Intelligence & Opportunity Mapping

Through artificial intelligence augmentation, data science, and unparalleled human intelligence tradecraft, we deliver fast and reliable insights on evolving commercial dynamics. We use sense and sensemaking services to map risk and opportunities to help clients understand, answer, and act on key strategic questions. This approach is equally powerful across commercial spheres, including ESG, audit risk assessments, and brand management.



VoxCroft’s sensing capabilities are designed to collect, translate, and deliver the most relevant information to understand the voice of the people.


Media Environments

VoxCroft uses proprietary technology to listen to a wide range of broadcast and other open-media sources to understand communication dynamics affecting businesses.


Opportunity Mapping

VoxCroft analysts understand local conditions and how they affect operational success.


VoxCroft takes enormous pride in leveraging our globally field-tested tools to address the needs of each of our customers.


Sense & Sensemaking

Arrow, one of our flagship products, forms the center of our sense and sensemaking process. It is a critical tool that internal and external analysts and decision makers use for population-centric analytics, logistics, and security monitoring.

Infinity diagram showing VoxCroft's methodology
Infinity diagram showing VoxCroft's methodology

Sentiment & Thematic Trends

Case Study

Theme Breakdown

In-depth analysis of sentiment surrounding a global entertainment event showed that even though commentary was lower in Scandinavian countries, Scandinavians spoke of the event more negatively than other regions.

Sentiment by country graph
Sentiment by country graph


Opportunity & Risk Mapping

Population-centric intelligence succinctly narrates the environment, market forces, and fault lines around client problems and questions. VoxCroft then guides customers on risks, opportunities, and next steps.

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Our Products

Arrow is our proprietary collection and analytic tool used to aggregate millions of open-source data points, including news stories and social media posts. Arrow provides early warning of market instability, misinformation, and brand threats.