Find your purpose.

We understand that financial incentives alone are not enough to retain top talent. Although we do offer competitive salaries and benefits, we go beyond to satisfy your intrinsic desire for greater autonomy, mastery, and purpose in the workplace.

VoxCroft employees are trusted and challenged to push the envelope and lead in their roles. From day one, you will be empowered with great responsibility, and encouraged to propose new business concepts, as well as participate in product design sprints.


Why work at VoxCroft?

The VoxCroft team is guided by a deep sense of purpose that is complemented through wellbeing-focused benefits, including generous maternity/paternity leave, education support, and training opportunities.

Remote Work

We embrace remote work and will provide the tools and training to make you successful wherever you are.

Competitive Remuneration

We believe in fair and competitive remuneration in exchange for your talent and hard work, alongside other compelling employee benefits.

Flexible Hours

It can’t always be all work and no play. Shift your hours to match what best suits your team’s work and your personal life.

Career Growth

Purpose drives fulfillment in the workplace and leads to professional growth. We champion opportunities for our staff.

Population-Centric Intelligence

Find out how we use tradecraft, expert human analysts, and cutting-edge AI to listen to the voice of the people.

Sense & Sensemaking Methodology

See how we use sense and sensemaking to better tell humanity’s stories.


Detect early warning indicators of instability, terrorist violence, inflammatory rhetoric, crime, or misinformation.